The pandemic has resulted in restrictions in our style of worship. There is no doubt that as the situation improves, these restrictions will be reduced.  Safety concerns have affected every aspect of worship. We require face masks to be worn when inside the building and our seating is with social distancing. There will be no childcare until further notice.  We are happy for you to have your children with you in worship.  For the latest information about the current status of things, please contact the church office, 717-637-7101.

The regularly scheduled worship services offer a variety of times and styles. Childcare is offered at the 10:45 service each Sunday.  CD copies of the 10:45 Sunday Service are available for those unable to attend at church. Please contact the church office at (717) 637-7101.

Saturdays 5:00 pm

Celebration Eucharist Service

St. Matthew Fellowship Hall
A more casual worship experience.

Sundays 9:00 am and 10:45 am

Worship with Holy Communion

9:00 worship is a drive-in service, held in our parking lot.  The service is broadcast on FM 101.5 and can be heard for a half mile radius around the church building.

The 10:45 service is held in the Nave with masks and social distancing.
Both services have worship with traditional Lutheran liturgy and a variety of musical styles.

Wednesday Bible Study or Book Study

Contact the church office for current information, 717-637-7101.

Service of Healing

Due to the pandemic, contact the church office for current information, 717-637-7101.

1st Wednesday of May and November at 7:15 pm
St. Matthew Nave
A service of healing when God’s assurance of blessings is heard. Learn more about our service of healing.

There are also special services for the various Festivals. Please check the St. Matthew News or Calendar pages for dates and times of these additional opportunities for worship.