Lutheran World Relief Goats for Lent!

GOATS are the focus of our Sunday School's annual Lenten Project.  After years of supporting Heifer International, we will turn our attention to  Lutheran World Relief for a very similar project.  Once again, we will be raising money to purchase goats for people in need.

From  Ash Wednesday, February 14 through Easter Day, April 1, we will be learning about goats and how they are a major benefit in many places around the world.  Donations of any amount will be accepted for goats, with $100 representing one goat.  Checks may be made out to "St. Matthew Lutheran Church" with 'GOATS" on the memo line.

Goats are hearty animals that can survive on sparse food supplies in more desert-like environments.  They provide milk and income for families.  Their off-spring may enlarge a herd or passed on to another family in need.  Our goal is four goats, or $400.00.  Thank you for supporting our LWR Goat Lenten Project!